Trekking, the soul healer

Trekking is believed to be one of the most satisfying outdoor activities. Not only it guarantees one complete refreshment, but also health benefits of trekking are above all. No matter, how well built you are, how often you meditate, or how often you visit fitness clubs, if you cannot walk, you always are prone to diseases that could show up anytime in your life.

For most of the city people, now weight gain has been a major issue. Trekking has proved to be most effective for such fat ass. While walking, our heart has to pump harder to keep up with the oxygen demand all the time. Meaning, it is also best for people with heart disease, and for those who believes prevention is better than cure. Continuous breathing while walking not only measures your muscles fitness, but also cleanses your lungs.

The mental benefits of trekking are also something very significant. First of all, health experts have considered trekking as the only exercise that is full of fun.  Studies have shown that walking in nature has great health benefits that include decreased anxiety, reduced worrying, increased positivity and less negativity, and increased memory performance. Research from the National Academy of Science in the US shows that walking in nature changes the brain in a good way. A natural experience improves mental well-being.

In the country like Nepal, trekking has been regarded as just fun activity. But, we forget or somehow take it as granted that it is also about fitness, friends, family and nature. It’s the journey you can brainstorm ideas. It is your one and only perfect space, where you can review all the choices you have made in your life. Trekking is your one and only time where you enjoy peace, the view of nature, relish every moment and enjoy the adventure. Research has shown that people walking in green nature are happier and best at problem solving.

Trekking has therefore been one of the best options for easing depression that also combats stress and enhances mental well-being. Researchers have proved that a hike with friends can be the best medicine for anyone.

Physical benefits of trekking also could not be ignored at all. A robust heart, clean lungs, weight loss could never be in any exercise that has fun in it, all over. The optimum effort required from the body while walking helps in stretching, and ultimately building strong bones. Backpacking on the other hand always facilitates you with the training that can help add on bone density thus achieving overall fitness.

Excellent muscle strength while walking uphills and downhills, the breaks in between, trekking boosts the cardiovascular strength. While trekking in a country like Nepal one could learn a lot of daily life lessons. Meeting new charming people living in the remote area, where their happiness is no less than people living in any sophisticated corner of the world, happiness is something more than materialism.

Moreover, the feeling once you reach to destination gives you feeling that how worthy all those painstaking walks have been. This gives you an exact same feeling that perseverance leads you to nothing but success. Trekking could have times, where you could feel like giving up. And, those who makes it, are the happiest ones, and no doubt that, they are the friendliest people in the world. Just like trekking, this could give a lesson, where giving up is nothing than an invitation to sadness, while diligence leads to nothing but happiness.


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